[Homemade recipes for cold mixed vegetables]_How to do_How to do

[Homemade recipes for cold mixed vegetables]_How to do_How to do

Spinach is a vegetable that we often eat. The nutritional effect of spinach is very good, especially its direct iron element, which has a good effect of nourishing blood. In addition, spinach is rich in a lot of supplementary fiber. Frequent eating spinach can also prevent constipation.Of course, when you eat spinach, you must pay attention to it. That is, spinach has more acid in it. It is best to stir it with water before making it. Let us briefly understand the common practice of cold spinach.

Home-made recipes for cold-cooked seaweed 1 spinach, the right amount of minced garlic, the right amount of homemade pepper, the right amount of pepper powder.

Wash the spinach, put a pot of water in the pot, add the spinach after the water is boiled, remove the spinach when it is hot, rinse it in cold water, squeeze the spinach’s moisture, and put it in a bowl for use!

Cut garlic cloves into minced garlic and set aside 2.

In a bowl of spinach, add minced garlic, add salt, vegetable extract, and pepper powder.

Lift the oil pan and pour in a small amount of oil. When the oil is hot, pour the hot oil into the spinach with seasoning!


After mixing well, add the seasoned seafood soy sauce, an appropriate amount of vinegar, and continue to mix the homemade peppers. The trick is to rinse the hot spinach with cold water, so that the spinach will not turn yellow easily.

The spinach must be squeezed out of water, so the spinach tastes very good.

It also looks good and has an appetite!

The efficacy and role of spinach1, digestion and nourishing the stomach can help the secretion of gastric acid and the digestion of food, which is suitable for the treatment of stagnant diet.

It also helps neutralize stomach acid and relieve stomach pain.

2. Hemostatic cooling, Huoxue Quyu patients with STDs.

Spinach can also promote the body’s qi and blood movement, which is suitable for treating blood stasis syndrome.

3, hypoglycemia has the effect of lowering blood sugar, promoting the decomposition of sugar, having the effect of converting excess sugar into conversion, and improving the microbalance in the body.

4. To prevent constipation, eating spinach regularly can keep the intestines’ stools moist to facilitate laxation.

Those who have been habitually constipated can often eat spinach and pig blood soup.

Use 500 grams of fresh spinach, wash and cut into sections; 250 grams of pig blood, cut into small pieces, and add the appropriate amount of boiled water with spinach to make a soup. Seasoned and served as a dish in the meal, eat at least twice a day, oftenEating is very effective for habitual constipation.