Longevity: a woman wants to raise a man to be cold

Longevity: a woman wants to raise a man to be cold

There is a classic metaphor in the best-selling book “Men from Mars, Women from Venus”: Men come from Mars with an average temperature of minus 23 ° C, and women come from Venus with a surface temperature of 450 ° C.

For the perception of temperature, men and women have always been different: in the cold winter, women’s cotton coats are tightly wrapped, or they are cold and cold, shivering, men wearing thin jerseys, but still full of energy; in the summer, women can go shopping with the sun, sweating and eating hot potAnd even if a man is sitting still, he is too hot to complain.

  The same is true in the eyes of medical scientists.

According to the Australian newspaper, the study found that men are afraid of heat, so men who are “cold” live for a long time; women are afraid of cold, so women who are “hot” can live.


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7 years old; the longest life area for men is the cooler Melbourne-Canberra area with an average life expectancy of 80 years.

From a statistical point of view, women living in warm, sunny areas have a longer life, while men living in cooler climates live longer, a rule that applies equally globally.

Investigators analyzed that the climate affects many aspects of human psychology and physiology, and the elderly affect life expectancy.

  So why are men afraid of heat and women afraid of cold?

David, a professor of biophysics at the United States, explained that men have more muscles, a larger amount of food, and a metabolic transformation, so the body surface is warmer than a woman.

From a physiological point of view, women are more sensitive to cold than men, and the “temperature sensor” in men’s skin is more dull, not enough to “know the cold.”

Therefore, even when the temperature is low, the man is still hot, and the woman is cold.

  Yang Li, a professor of health education at Xiyuan Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, told the reporter of Life Times that from a Chinese doctor, women are chilly, so they are afraid of cold; men are sexually dry, so they are afraid of heat.

From a physiological point of view, the differences in the reproductive system between men and women also cause their temperature “differences.”

The lactic acid pellet in the male reproductive organs is not resistant to high temperatures. It needs to maintain a temperature lower than the body temperature, otherwise it will harm the sperm.

The woman’s uterus is like an inverted pear, which is cool. If you don’t pay attention to keeping warm, there will be irregular menstruation and dysmenorrhea.

Therefore, women need warmer care.

  A study conducted by Dongzhimen Hospital of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine found that the quality of life and physical symptoms of 726 sub-health patients showed that the symptoms of male sub-health in the first place were afraid of heat, while women were most afraid of cold.

  There is a saying in the man’s “cold” health, “The young man is sleeping in a cool, full fire.”

This is actually not unreasonable. The man’s “firepower” is indeed stronger than that of a woman.

For them, it is a good idea to try “cold” health often.

  The water temperature is cold.

Bathing in a hot water bath is both comfortable and depleted, but the room temperature is as high as 50 ° C – 70 ° C in the sauna, which can easily destroy the growth environment of the sperm and even cause “deadness.”

Zhang Zhichao, deputy director of the Men’s Center of the First Hospital of Peking University, suggested that men should not replace the hot water bath or sauna. Once a week, the temperature should be 37 °C – 41 °C, each time 15-20 minutes, no more than 30 per week.minute.

It is best for men with rich requirements to take a hot bath or a sauna for half a year.

  The crotch is cold.

The male scrotum has a temperature-regulating function, like an “air conditioner” that regulates the temperature of the entire reproductive organs.

Zhang Zhichao said that long-term cycling or driving, love to wear thick jeans, put the laptop on the thigh, long-term close to the loose sofa and other habits, will cause the scrotum to be surrounded by pressure, can not properly adjust the temperature, resulting in elevated pill temperatureThe reproductive function is affected.

Therefore, it is best for men to not wear tight-fitting jeans. The underwear should be loose and comfortable.

Like a taxi driver, a male of the office family should get up for 8-10 minutes every 40 minutes.

  The diet is cold.

Recently, scientists in Spain and Italy have discovered a major cause of women’s longevity – often eating low-conversion foods.

Women usually eat vegetarian food, eat less, men love meat, eat a lot, and often gorge.

Yu Kang, deputy director of the Clinical Nutrition Society of the Chinese Medical Association Beijing Branch, said that men’s preference for animal aunts leads to overloading of diabetes and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and malignant tumors.

Even “lean meat”, which is hidden invisible by the naked eye, also accounts for 28%.

Therefore, men should learn to eat low-dose diets and reduce the intake of animal fats. Take pork as an example. It should be controlled in twos and threes a day. When eating pork, it is best to mix it with legumes to make plasma and micro-particles smaller.

The amount of edible oil consumed per day does not exceed 30 grams.  The fire came down.

When a man is 40 years old, his body function is diminished and his temper is growing.

US researchers conducted a five-year follow-up survey of more than 700 40-year-old men and found that 5 of them.

8% of people have had heart disease at least once in these five years.

Professor Zhang Guojun, from the Institute of Geriatrics, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, pointed out that it is a “vitamin” to maintain mental health when a gas is destroyed once and healthy.

When you are angry, you should be good at freeing yourself. For example, soothing songs, clean up, and slow down, all help to lower blood pressure and stabilize your heart rate.

  Women’s “hot” health is cold in the hands and feet in the winter, and they can’t warm up when they get into the bed at night. As long as the air-conditioning in the office is a little stronger, they will feel backache. This kind of “cold woman” is now more and more common.
In fact, cold is the biggest damage to women’s health and beauty, cold hands and feet, and the face is prone to long spots.

Therefore, women must “warm” themselves.

  Warm feet to promote sleep.

Both feet are the “second heart” of a woman.

Holger Hein, dean of the Groshansdorfdorf Sleep Disorder Treatment Hospital in Germany, believes that women can soothe low back pain and promote sleep by using hot water around 40 °C for 15-30 minutes before going to bed every day.
Soaking feet can not be too shallow, at least not to have a foot surface, even the calf together, the effect will be better.

Women who are afraid of cold before going to bed at night, it is best to put on warm cotton socks to help keep your feet cold.

  Warm food to raise the stomach.

It is best for women to eat less cold, cold food, especially chills, cold hands and feet, easy colds, and women in the physiological cycle should pay attention.

Yang Li suggested that women can eat more jujube yam porridge, five-color porridge and other congee in winter, North Radish Codonopsis stewed mutton, radish ribs soup can warm blood, enhance physical fitness and resistance, can put some ginger, pepper when cooking, peppers and other spices that have the effect of “heat production.”

  Warm water to prevent gynecological diseases.

It is best to use warm water for housework.

According to statistics, hot water is 5 times more effective than cold water cleaning and sterilization. In addition to comfort, it can prevent arthritis and gynecological diseases.

Taking a cold bath is a big taboo for women. Because the water temperature is too low, the body will feel cold and cause sputum reactions, such as rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, and nervousness.

  Warm body to protect the uterus.

Zhang Yufang, chief physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Peking University Third Hospital, pointed out that everyone knows that wearing less winter can cause rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, women’s reproductive system is most afraid of cold. The direct consequence of “regardless of the wind and disregard of temperature” is the irregular menstruation.Dysmenorrhea.

In the winter, women should pay special attention to the neck, abdomen, and the warmth of the legs: correcting warmth can effectively prevent cervical spondylosis, so don’t forget to wear a scarf when you go out; don’t wear too tight clothes, otherwise it will lead to blood circulation;It is best not to wear it for a long time, and change the ordinary winter shoes in two days.