[What is the shelf life of popsicles?

]_ Shelf Life_How long is the shelf life

[What is the shelf life of popsicles?
]_ Shelf Life_How long is the shelf life

This kind of food is a kind of cold drink. First of all, it is a very simple kind of food. It is mainly a cold drink made by freezing some cream on a bamboo stick.

Nowadays, there are more and more types of popsicles, but there are still many people who are more nostalgic and still like to eat the particularly old popsicles.

After all, popsicles are a kind of cold food, so it is better to control the amount, not to eat too much at one time.

So, how long is the shelf life of popsicles?

Most of them are 6 months. The State Bureau of Light Industry has made new regulations on the shelf life of food. The specific deadlines are: milk powder: tinplate for 12 months; glass bottles for 9 months; 500 grams of plastic bags for4 months; tinned canned sweetened milk for 9 months; glass bottled sweetened condensed milk for 3 months.

Malted milk: 12 months in tinned tin cans; 9 months in glass bottles; 3 months in plastic bags.

Candy: 3 months for the first and fourth quarters; 2 months for the second and third quarters (1 month for the rainy season).

Ice cream: Store at 0 ℃ -6 ℃ for 6 months.

Canned food: canned fish and poultry for 24 months; canned fruits and vegetables for 15 months; cans, glass bottled fruit juices, and vegetable juice drinks for 6 months.

Beverages: fruit juice soda, fruity soda, cola soda in glass bottles for 3 months; canned for 6 months.

Alcoholic beverages: 11-12 degrees cooked beer with provincial superiority is 4 months, ordinary 2 months; 14 degrees beer 3 months; 10.

50-degree cooked beer is 50 days; wine and fruit wine is 6 months; sparkling wine is 3 months; bottled rice wine is tentatively set for 3 months; liqueur is 6 months.

Biscuits: 3 months in tinned iron cans; 2 months in plastic bags; 1 month in bulk.

Others: 3 months for instant noodles in plastic bags; 3 months for sandwich chocolate; 6 months for pure chocolate; 12 months for fried dried fruits, ketchup iron cans, 12 months for glass bottles; 6 months for soy sauce and vinegar.