Qingming season recipes five fingers Maotao chicken soup

Qingming season recipes five fingers Maotao chicken soup

Near the Qingming Day, the weather was cold and hot and the weather was “rainy”. A five-finger Maotao chicken soup was introduced.

Wuzhi Maotao is a soup material commonly used by Hakka people. It has the effect of qi and dampness. It is accompanied by chicken with beneficial effect into the soup. It tastes fragrant, and it is the soup that sweeps the graves and springs.

  Practice: 1.

Wash the five-finger peach, slightly soak; wash the red dates and remove the core; 2.

Wash and slaughter the light chicken, lick the big pieces, pick up the water;

Boil the water in the corrugated, add all the ingredients, boil over the fire, turn the heat for an hour and a half, season with salt.

  Efficacy: qi and blood, spleen and stomach, Shujin active.

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  ●Gourmet Science Hall “Nanxun” – Wuzhi Maotao Wuzhi Maotao is a common soup material used by Hakka people. The part used is actually the rhizome of this plant. It is named after the leaves are shaped like five fingers and bear like the fruit of peach.

Wuzhi Maotao is beneficial to qi and tonic, qi and stagnation, strong gluten and spleen, and spleen and dampness. Therefore, it also has the name of “Southern Quantum”.

Deng Tietao, a Chinese medicine leader, believes that this is not warm and dry, and the Nanwei, which has a mild taste and can qi and spleen, is very suitable for the humid and humid climate in the south.

  The soup with the five-finger peaches and the coconut milk scent have a good taste.

In addition to the five-finger Maotao chicken, the pig bones, pigeons, pig feet are more common.

For different functions, you can also add some herbs such as bandits or cattle to enhance the effect of dampness or strong bones.

  Not long ago, when you went to Shaoguan, you can taste the five-finger peach fragrant chicken with a unique Hakka flavor, and the general salt pheasant ranks. The coconut scent of the five-finger peach is very delicious. Similar to the five-finger peach fragrant duck.The five fingers of the peach-flavored chicken claws are really “sweet fingers”.

  To buy a good five-finger peach, there is also a set of methods, Chinese medicine practitioners teach the road, first, to see the color, generally brown-yellow; second, pick thin slices, the thick black active ingredients, but the roots are finerThe third is to smell the smell, there is no sulphur smell, and the good five-finger peach has a slight scent of coconut.