[How to eat dried anchovies]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to eat dried anchovies]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Catfish is a kind of seafood that is very common. The nutrition of catfish is very rich. Often eating catfish can nourish the body, and catfish can also promote human food, especially children eating catfish has brain benefitsThe effect of wisdom and improving eyesight is that although catfish is delicious, many people prefer to eat dried catfish.

Although fresh sturgeon is delicious, but many people do not make it. What is the way to eat dried sturgeon?

The practice of pickled catfish: 1. Frozen catfish is slightly thawed; 2. Cut the knife from the back of the fish, stick it to the spine, and cut it to the belly of the fish;Remove the fish’s internal organs and gills directly; 5. Rinse the fish belly and drain the water; 6. Sprinkle salt on the fish meat, mix well, and marinate for one day; 7. Dry in a ventilated place.

Reminder: 1. Frozen fish, do not wait for it to open completely, the fish body is soft, difficult to operate, too hard, do not go to the knife.

Thaw slightly, it ‘s just right when the knife is not too strenuous; 2. When washing the carp jawbone and head, you need to support the fish body to prevent the fish bulbs from being inserted; 3. Marinate the carp, except saltLeave it alone, the amount of salt depends on taste; 4. If you want to dry it as soon as possible, you can wear a bamboo stick to flatten the fish, and then tie the tail with a rope to dry it. Dry salt and pepper anchovies: 1, freshDried catfish, cut longitudinally from the abdomen of the fish, remove the head, and cut the fish body horizontally into fish pieces; 2. After the pan is heated, add cold oil, and after the oil is hot, spread the dried catfish in the pan3. Slow fry over low heat, turn yellow after turning bottom, continue to fry over low heat; 4, fry yellow on both sides, cook cooking wine; 5, fry until fish flesh turns from green to white, sprinkle with salt and pepper, stir fry.

Sturgeon effect 1.

Yangyin Buxu Anchovy has the effects of replenishing vital energy, replenishing deficiencies, etc., and is suitable for supplementing chronically weak or depleted labor.

Regular food will have a certain adjuvant effect on the treatment of anemia, premature aging, malnutrition, postpartum weakness and neurasthenia.


Most of the residues in cholesterol-lowering carp fish are unsaturated fatty acids, which are easily digested and absorbed by the body, and the digested and absorbed fatty acids can be combined with blood calcium in the blood to remove cholesterol from the blood vessels.So as to reduce the body’s plasma content, it is good for your health.


Hair care catfish is rich in protein, and is digested and absorbed by the stomach to form different types of amino acids. It is an essential ingredient for hair keratin.


Improving the protein in immune catfish meat, and rich protein is the carrier of human life. It has balanced nutrition, regulates water balance in the body, and improves immunity. It can effectively help young children, children and adolescents grow and develop.


The body of the educative brainfish is rich in DHA. They are mainly present in the brain, retina and nerves of the human body. DHA can maintain the normal function of the human retina and is beneficial to the development of the human intelligence system.

Therefore, people who eat fishy fish become smart.