Acupuncture to lose weight too much will hurt people

Acupuncture to lose weight too much will hurt people

Experts: It is necessary to avoid excessive needles and excessively produce “acupoint fatigue”, replenishing diarrhea and re-seeking yin and yang to coordinate and enhance immunity. Recently, major beauty salons in Guangzhou have launched anti-season weight loss signs and used acupuncture as a “fist product”.Those greedy families who want to be full of happiness and do not want to be mad at the “heart”.

But the woman who has moved too much thought is still guilty: How is acupuncture scientific?

How to deal with accidents that may happen to you?

Therefore, the reporter interviewed Lin Shaojun, the chief physician of the Acupuncture and Rehabilitation Department of Guangzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and Lin Biao, the beauty department of the Second Hospital of Guangdong Province. They reminded the greedy family to avoid excessive needles and excessively produce “acupoint fatigue”.

In addition, we must pay attention to the use of both diarrhea and diarrhea in order to achieve yin and yang coordination and enhance immunity.

  Greedy family winter weight loss enthusiasm for acupuncture Every year to the end of the year, all kinds of social interactions tend to shift, friends, friends and even units continue to have the opportunity to “eat big meals” to connect with each other.

The lady’s little belly, which has always had a good appetite and less exercise, has begun to appear.

In the winter, she has to regain a few pounds. This year, she noticed that more and more sisters are doing weight loss, and they have moved their minds. When they are inquiring, the current season is going to lose weight, especially acupuncture.

  Lin Shaoxuan introduced that people and all things “spring, summer, autumn, winter” are the same season, winter is the best season for people to store this and unfortunate.

As the climate changes and the metabolism of the human body increases, the metabolism decreases, and the whole body weight increases. If acupuncture is used in winter, the appetite can be adjusted and the metabolism of the body can be increased.

Therefore, there is a need for people who want to lose weight, there is some reason to start acupuncture from winter, but whether winter weight loss is better than summer, the clinical is still inconclusive.

For most people, there is no need to use acupuncture for weight loss. As long as the exercise is strengthened, the weight is not increased, and to a certain extent, it is weight loss.

  It is already two or three months for Ms. Liu to do acupuncture to lose weight. The effect is more obvious, especially this time, the feeling is reduced, and sometimes the day can be reduced by one pound.

In addition to beauty, she often visits the health massage parlor downstairs, but the blind doctor who gave her the “loose bones” all the time found that there are many acupuncture points on her body that are not as full as before. The strength of the tidbits is not pressed.The rebound is strong.

According to her own reflection, those acupoints are basically the places where the needles are the most used when acupuncture loses weight.

  Expert Interpretation: Ms. Liu’s image of this phenomenon can be called “acupoint fatigue”, which is called clinically enhanced tolerance.

This phenomenon may be the result of excessive acupuncture points.

In fact, experienced acupuncturists will not be tied to the same group of acupoints when they are treated for complications. Instead, they will consider changing acupuncture points and consciously avoid “acupoint fatigue” in the body, because once tolerance occurs.Sex, the touch of acupuncture points will be abnormal, and even more stimulating strength, the effect is not as good as before.

  Although this tolerance will not affect the meridians of the human body, it is still difficult to say, but from a safety point of view, the dose should be gradual, not because of the “acupoint fatigue” that may be caused by the desire to make the guests fast.

Usually, people who are particularly obese will have little effect on the reduction, but the average person does not have to reduce it too quickly.

  According to individual differences, Ms. Li and several sisters of the unit also received acupuncture and weight loss at a well-known chain weight loss institution in Guangzhou. However, after two or three months, the sisters lost a lot of weight, but she only lost the first month.4 pounds, followed by diarrhea, stop acupuncture less than a month, the weight has increased by more than 5 pounds, now feel the body is weak, every day listless, often feel dry mouth upset, easy to lose sleep at night.

  Expert Interpretation: At present, the acupuncture weight loss market is hot, and many beauty institutions have adopted the acupuncture weight loss method. However, some people who are not in the line do not know how to distinguish the body and then tailor the body to choose the acupuncture point, even the same.The same pattern is used in the ground cover, and the method of diarrhea and stomach fire is used to suppress appetite, thereby reducing the amount of food intake for a long time and achieving the purpose of losing weight.

Can weight loss be 5 in the initial stage of this method?
10 kg, but not only the weight loss effect is not obvious, it may also lead to obesity rebound, like Ms. Li is a typical example.

  Traditional Chinese medicine is very good at personal differentiation of people. Taking excessive patients as an example, there are many different situations such as spleen and stomach heat, spleen and stomach weakness, emotional disorders, and kidney weakness.

Therefore, when performing acupuncture treatment, it is necessary to observe changes in physical constitution in a timely manner, and use both diarrhea and diarrhea in order to achieve the coordination of yin and yang to enhance the body’s immunity.

If you don’t judge, you will find a few common points regardless of individual differences. If you are confronted with symptomatic, the natural effect will be good. If you are not symptomatic like Ms. Li, the constitution will be destroyed and the immunity will be reduced.

Ms. Li should use this part of the symptoms, such as Zhangmen, Taibai and other points to strengthen the spleen and water, have dry mouth and upset symptoms of insomnia, can pass the nerves, acupoints to nourish the Yin liquid, to achieve the purpose of soothe the nerves.

  Choosing acupuncture to lose weight must recognize the qualifications of practice. At present, how many people only hold the “Life Beauty Care Certificate” instead of the medical institution that produces the “Medicine License” and simultaneously implement acupuncture and weight loss and other medical items, which is not in compliance with the regulations.
Lin Biao reminded that greedy families should have the “safety first” self-protection consciousness. First of all, we must understand whether the person who has the needle has two certificates: “Physician Qualification Certificate” and “Physician Practice Certificate”.

Of course, if it is not a medical institution, the needle must be approved and filed by the health administrative department.

Some beauty salons are not familiar with the knowledge of anatomy, and do not fully understand the movement of some important organs and nerve vessels. In the process of needle sticking, accidents may occur, and serious visceral bleeding may occur.

  According to Lin Shaoxuan, people who choose acupuncture to lose weight may suffer from mental stress, physical weakness, overwork or excessive manipulation of the operator, and treatment of indoor air sultry or cold, etc., which may cause sudden shock.

She said that once the fainting of the needle, the lighter stays for a while, drink some warm water to recover, while paying attention to indoor air circulation, eliminating excessive cold factors.

If it can still be alleviated, it can be used in the first-aid points such as Hegu, Neiguan, Zusanli, Yongquan and Zhongchong.

After the fainting needle is relieved, it is still necessary to rest properly.

  Some unprofessional needles are more rude, and the microcosm of the muscle contraction of the subject is also prone to needle sticking.

When the needle is stuck, the needle does not move in the acupuncture point. If it is barely twisted, it will cause pain to the recipient when it is inserted.
Lin Xiaoyu reminded that at this time, the tension of the recipient should be removed first, and the local muscles should be relaxed; or the needle retention time should be extended, and the method of using the needle, the camera, the button, the bullet, or a needle near the stagnant needle to relieve the local muscletension.