Old people must not rush to remarry!

Old people must not rush to remarry!

The issue of remarriage of widowed or divorced elderly people has aroused the concern of the society.

Remarriage of the elderly, like the marriage of young people, is also protected by law, but should pay attention to the following points: First, we must strengthen mutual understanding before marriage to understand each other’s temper, character, hobbies, cultural literacy, economic status and family members, especially each other.The attitude of children to the remarriage of the elderly must be well known.

  Second, it is necessary to clarify the rights and obligations to clarify the responsibility for the maintenance of the ultimate adult children of both parties and the support obligations of the two children to the two remarried elderly.

  Third, the implementation of property notarization should be notarized before marriage, so as to avoid property disputes after marriage.

  Fourth, it is necessary to make a legal marriage procedure. Only when a marriage registration procedure is carried out is a legal husband and wife, and can be protected by law.

  If we do not have consensus and understanding of the above two parties and establish a certain emotional foundation, we will not be busy with it, and we will be forced to combine it. It will inevitably become “inconsistent with water and fire” in the future, and we will add distress to ourselves and surround the situation of advancing and retreating.

Therefore, if you do not find the person you are interested in, do not be rash.

This is also the lesson learned from the failure of old age remarriage in recent years.

  In addition, after remarriage, we must respect each other, love each other, and seek common differences, avoiding excessive comparisons between the current spouse and the original spouse.

These are all beneficial to build a love nest after remarriage, so that remarriage is as happy as the first marriage.