Is red wine a good medicine for weight loss?

Is red wine a good medicine for weight loss?

Red wine weight loss remedy: rumors of red wine can lose weight in the network has been popular for a long time.

This method believes that drinking a glass of red wine to eat cheese before going to bed can promote metabolism and burn the waist and hips.

As long as 3 meals are eaten normally, take 1-2 pieces of cheese or 50g of cheese and 30 cups of 50-100c in 30 minutes before bedtime.


Red wine can be 7 kilograms in 3 weeks.

  The reasons for thinking that red wine can lose weight are as follows: A.

Improve metabolism: The antioxidant power of vitamins C, E and carotene contained in red wine can increase the original accumulation age and reduce metabolism.


Avoid binge eating: Of course, the blood alcohol concentration will also rise slowly, and it will also have an effect on relieving stress, so it can also suppress stressful binge eating.


Reduce body edema: The wine is rich in iron, and the alcohol itself has the effect of warming the blood to warm the body, so it can improve anemia, warm the kidney and kidney, and effectively reduce the accumulation of water in the body.

The edema body is especially suitable for this slimming and slimming method.

  The netizen experience has found through investigation that the scale of the mm test red wine diet has failed.

It seems that it is unrealistic to want to rely on red wine to lose a dozen pounds of dreams: · I have tried it, and it has no effect on me.

  · I used to eat this thing, but I was fat.

  · After giving up a bottle of red wine and two bags of cheese, it is not given up.

  · Basically no effect, tried last year, too disgusting.

But drinking some red wine every day is good.

  Truth: The effect of red wine on weight loss is very small. Drinking too much will make you gain weight. First of all, we need to understand why people will gain weight. In addition to the disease, most people are obese because they consume too much calories.The extra speed slowly accumulates the bonus generated in the body.

Therefore, in order to lose weight, it is necessary to control the conversion of eating at the same time, and at the same time increase the displacement of consumption.

  If you want to drink red wine to lose weight, if the three meals are the same, and you eat red wine cheese, then the replacement is not reduced, but increased. Secondly, even red wine has the effect of promoting metabolism, but if it does not cooperate with exercise, this effect is veryTiny, can not eliminate the extra extras brought by red wine, let alone lose weight.

  The transition of pure red wine is relatively low, and there is no direct relationship between a small amount of overlap and too much.

However, some of the red wines that are currently on the market are not real wines, or they are blended with a variety of raw materials. These raw materials usually contain sugar and additives, which naturally will be higher and tend to gain weight.

Therefore, we must remind everyone that when purchasing, we must choose the wine produced by the manufacturer.

The good wine is made entirely from fermented grapes, which are sweet and slightly sweet and contain no additives.

The kind of wine that is sweeter to drink adds a lot of sugar, so a cup of 250 ml of red wine is about the same as a bowl of white rice, about 240 calories.

  Health Tips: The correct drinking of red wine is good for healthy drinking. The dream of slimming is shattered. Do we still need to drink red wine?

In fact, under the supplement of the daily three-course healthy diet, drink a small cup (about 50 ml) of red wine a day, while receiving a small amount of transfer, but also beauty care, while maintaining body (especially people with postpartum obesity)There is also a small auxiliary role.

  Drinking red wine is good for the skin: the extract from red wine controls the aging of the skin.

  The high-quality red wine is rich in iron, which is very good for women. It can play the role of blood and make the face ruddy.

  Women’s unfortunate content in pregnancy will increase greatly, drink some wine after delivery, and the antioxidants can prevent slight oxidation accumulation, which is very helpful for the recovery of the body.

However, in order to avoid the effects of alcohol on the baby, it is necessary to choose after weaning.

  In addition to the eight amino acids required for formaldehyde, the wine is also rich in proanthocyanidins and resveratrol.

Proanthocyanidins are the model for defending the cardiovascular system, and resveratrol is an excellent cellulose killer.

At present, more and more studies have shown that drinking a certain amount of wine every day can effectively prevent diseases such as retina and stomach cancer.

  Develop the habit of tasting red wine while eating, and give yourself a comfortable and generous time to enjoy the fun, to stimulate the brain’s fullness center early, so that you will not eat too much.