What kind of porridge is most nutritious in the autumn morning?

What kind of porridge is most nutritious in the autumn morning?

Core Tip: When the fall is over, the weather is getting colder. This is the key moment to protect your soft stomach. In the autumn diet, don’t glutton all kinds of greasy spicy food, because the stomach can’t adapt to the summer light.Come over, and porridge can replenish the spleen with the stomach, moisturizing the lungs, is definitely a good choice for autumn health.

  In the morning, the most nurturing experts who drink porridge believe that autumn porridge is especially good for people.

In the early autumn, after a summer of cold drink “bombing”, it is very easy to cause the body’s spleen and stomach function to weaken, immunity is reduced, then if you can eat some warm food, especially drink rice or glutinous rice paste porridge, there is excellentStrengthen the spleen and stomach, supplement the function of the gas.

Get up early every day, fasting stomach, you can drink a large bowl of hot porridge, so that the stomach can nourish, will not increase the burden of the digestive system, and will not lead to obesity.

  At the same time, it is recommended to drink hot porridge when you have a cold, because drinking porridge can help the body to sweat, heat, chill and cold, can effectively promote the cure of colds.

At the same time, most people will have poor appetite after a cold, no appetite and gastrointestinal digestive system is in a poor state, and drinking porridge can promote the absorption of the stomach.

In addition, some drugs are more irritating to the stomach, and drinking porridge can protect the gastric mucosa.

  Pumpkin porridge is better than rice porridge after a summer of sunshine and growth. Now the pumpkin is the best time for nutrition. Pumpkin porridge is now the most suitable porridge for the public in the current season.

Pumpkin porridge is a kind of warm porridge, and the proportion of cool porridge such as preserved egg porridge, mild pumpkin porridge is more suitable for the needs of autumn human body transplant warming.

  From the perspective of Chinese medicine, pumpkin porridge is moderately warm, often drink pumpkin porridge has Buzhong Yiqi, clearing heat and detoxification effect, but also asthma, swelling, because the pumpkin is sweet, the autumn weather is dry, many people will appear different degreesThe symptoms of chapped lips, nasal bleeding and dry skin phlegm, Chinese medicine believes that autumn dryness is related to lack of body fluid and lung yang deficiency. Pumpkin porridge has the effect of clearing fire, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, and combining it with some health and yin and lungs.Food for common food intake, there is a great correction for improving the symptoms of autumn dryness.

  The elderly should not drink porridge every day. There is a saying in the country that “the elderly drink porridge, how much more blessings.”

When people are old, the digestive system is declining, and proper porridge is really good for digestion, but if it is done every day, it is not good for the body.

  Drinking porridge for a long time has the following unfavorable factors: because the porridge does not need to be chewed, the chewing will accelerate the degradation of the old chewing organs; the fiber content in the porridge food is reduced, which is not conducive to detoxification in the elderly.

  To eat, you must chew. Before chewing, you should use your teeth to crush the rice grains. At the same time, you try to secrete saliva. The enzyme contained in the saliva also has a preliminary digestive effect on starch.

Lack of chewing, the amylase in the saliva can not fully decompose the starch in the porridge into maltose, thus affecting digestion.

Saliva also neutralizes stomach acid and repairs the role of gastric mucosa. When drinking porridge, the mouth hardly secretes saliva, which is naturally not conducive to protecting the gastric mucosa.

  Cantonese-style porridge is not suitable for people with diabetes. The business of various porridge shops on the street is very prosperous.

A bowl of porridge, worth less than five or six yuan, more than twenty or thirty yuan, the variety is also diverse.

But when you go to the restaurant to drink porridge, you should also pay attention to the following nutritional problems.

  First, continuous insulation, vitamin loss.

Generally, the restaurants smashed the porridge before opening the store, and then kept it in the pot, but after a few hours of porridge in the heat preservation state, the loss of vitamins must be relatively large.

  Second, Cantonese-style porridge is basically salty porridge, some of the most common preserved egg lean porridge.

These porridges are made by adding various fish and eggs as ingredients, and fish eggs contain more or less salt.

Therefore, the total amount of salt obtained by drinking this porridge is quite excessive. According to a bowl of porridge of 300 grams, there is 3 grams of salt in a bowl of porridge, which is not suitable for patients with hypertension.

Because Cantonese porridge is based on white rice porridge, the amount of porridge in a bowl is relatively large, so it is not suitable for diabetics.