6 weight loss methods for speed acceleration

6 weight loss methods for speed acceleration

Can you lose a few pounds a week?

The answer is that if you want to lose a few pounds, you will lose a few pounds.

The following 6 kinds of weight loss methods, from 3 pounds a week to 5 pounds a day, with your reference.


hzh {display: none; }  1、减3斤每天抹精油 通常每个部位大约只需5至10分钟,让肌肤略红即可。Massage every day for a week can be about 3 to 5 pounds, after 1 month, you can feel the body more tight, 3 months have obvious effects.

  2, minus 5 pounds a day to drink a glass of red wine in the red wine contains tannins can help digestion, but also has antioxidant function, so that the body shape will not swell as the years go by.

It is said that drinking a cup before going to bed every day can easily say 5 pounds of meat.

  3, minus 5 pounds a day to drink water, clearing the intestines and clearing the intestines, feeling relaxed, standing on the scales, the weight dropped by 5 pounds, the mood is great.

The body seems to have forgotten the diarrhea a few minutes ago!

  4, minus 6 pounds a day to eat only meat Taiwanese singer Lan Xinmei has found that the secret to quickly lose 3 kilograms is to eat only meat.

Experts pointed out that the alternative diet method such as eating meat and losing weight is effective, but it is detrimental to all aspects of the body.

  5, minus 10 kg per day only eat eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs

It can improve the increase of high density lipoprotein in the blood.

  6, minus 12 pounds a day to drink honey water honey is a natural nutrient, it contains high-quality sugar and minerals that can burn human energy.

In the three meals a day, as long as you add some honey, you can avoid a slight accumulation in the human body.